About AnShi

The company AnShi was started in 2007 and is run by the designer and innovator Anait Shiroian.

”When I was looking for a valet several years ago, I found out that there was no special valet for women. I was very surprised. Women are the largest group of clients in the clothes industry but they have to use a product designed and adjusted for men. It was then I decided to design a valet for women and made it with the help of the designer Ekaterina Sisfontes. With ALMI's support I started a company to develop my idea.”

In January 2008 the Women's Valet was exhibited for the first time at the Formex International Fair in Stockholm. There was a lot of interest and positive response from women and now AnShi is looking for retailers.

Address: AnShi, Box 81, 191 22 Sollentuna, Sweden  Tel.+46(0)735 26 26 38  E-post: info@anshi.se