Women's Valet

Regardless of what we work with, we all need to prepare ourselves for the next day, in order to avoid stress in the morning. Clothes reflect our personality and are an important part of our daily life. It is always nice to hear compliments from the colleagues but the clothes and accessories that we will be wearing the next day should be thoroughly prepared if we want to reach full effect and always feel ourselves well-dressed. You can achieve it with the help of Women's Valet.

Advantages of the Women's Valet:
  • you get a clear picture of your outfit as a whole and can see if your clothes match and if the items harmonize with each other
  • you can prepare your clothes without stress, in peace and quiet
  • Women's Valet is adjusted for the women's needs to hang up and store both the clothes and accessories. It has separate clothes hangers for skirts, pants and other items, together with boxes for jewellry and watches
  • Women's Valet has a modern design and is made of plexiglas.

Address: AnShi, Box 81, 191 22 Sollentuna, Sweden  Tel. +46(0)735 26 26 38  E-post: info@anshi.se